Sushi Factory

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Sushi Factory is an attractive cooking-themed puzzle game. Strategically stack delectable sushi on plates to serve hungry guests and unlock a world of delicious new recipes.

How to play

In the game, you have the task of helping the chef make sushi to serve waiting customers.

Use the control keys to move the chef to the required position. Push the sushi onto the plate to complete the order.

You must calculate the right chef's path to eat the most bonuses and successfully put sushi on the plate.

When you receive a lot of bonuses, you can upgrade your sushi restaurant. Unlock new areas to welcome more guests. The game helps test your logic skills.

Complete many levels to receive rewards and unlock interesting items. In addition, delicious sushi recipes are also gradually being discovered by you.

Join the sushi-themed puzzle adventure and discover unprecedented surprises now.


Use arrow keys or WAS or drag the left mouse button to move.

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