Sushi Oishi

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Sushi Oishi is a fun cooking game in which you play as a chef at a famous Japanese restaurant. Prepare sushi and serve it to hungry customers.

How to play

Your mission in the game is to make sushi for customers. You have to run a restaurant and perform tasks such as taking orders, preparing sushi, and serving them to customers.

Your customers are also quite demanding. They can't wait too long. Otherwise, they will get mad. Therefore, orders must be fulfilled quickly. Your score is calculated based on orders and customer satisfaction. If you make them angry, the game will end, and you have to start again.

You will have to serve up to four customers at the same time. Each customer will have a different request. Therefore, you have to get acquainted and make a lot of new sushi recipes. However, if you make the wrong order, they will also be angry. This is also an interesting thing about the game.

If you love cooking games, especially the famous Japanese dish sushi, then this is the game for you. Discover delicious new sushi recipes today.

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