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Sushi Supply Co

Welcome to Sushi Supply Co, a delightful and addictive game that combines profits, adorable Kitty Sushi Chefs, and an exciting journey through various levels. Your objective is to manage a sushi business and watch your profits soar to new heights. With each passing level, you'll witness the emergence of new and charming Kitty Sushi Chefs who contribute to your success. The game offers a perfect blend of cuteness and financial strategy.


How to Play

Manage Your Sushi Business: Take charge of your sushi enterprise. Make wise decisions to optimize your profits.

Unlock Kitty Sushi Chefs: As you progress, unlock a variety of Kitty Sushi Chefs who enhance your business and contribute to your success.

Cuteness and Riches: Experience the thrill of growing your profits while being surrounded by the irresistible charm of adorable Kitty Sushi Chefs.

Advance Through Levels: Journey through different levels of the game, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Gameplay: Strategize and make decisions to maximize your profits and create a thriving sushi empire.

Immerse yourself in the world of Sushi Supply Co and witness the fusion of riches and cuteness. Watch your profits pile high as you level up and witness the adorable Kitty Sushi Chefs play their role in your flourishing business.

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