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Cooking Games

Ultra Pixel Burgeria

Ultra Pixel Burgeria is a cooking simulation game with more than 16 challenging levels. Manage your store and serve your customers the best burgers with over 30 different types of burgers!

Game Story

Welcome to a fun cooking and restaurant game called Ultra Pixel Burgeria.

The family business is waiting for you to keep it going. You've never cooked a hamburger before. However, you're willing to put in a lot of hard work to learn how to run a restaurant and make a good living.

Watch the steps you'll have to take in the kitchen carefully. Focus on keeping things clean and making the bun and hamburger meat. Make sure that your burgers are unique and almost perfect.

Take orders from customers and get ready to test your patience and cooking skills. Try to complete the dishes without going over the allotted time.

You have more than 30 different kinds of burgers to choose from. Use the ingredients with ease.

Try to prepare the best burgers you've ever dreamed of in record time while drinking a tasty soft drink.

Games Controls

  • A or left-click at the left area of the screen = move left
  • D or left-click at the right area of the screen = move right
  • Use the mouse to move the ingredients and assemble the hamburger

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