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Wonderland Cake Maker

Wonderland Cake Maker is Wonderland's best cake game, along with Alice! The game focuses on food and companionship, updating the popular book, movie, and cartoon character. Follow what Alice, the main character, and Cookie, a talking book, tell you to do to make cakes for guests from many kingdoms. It knows how to get the best preparation and how to mix the ingredients.

When you're bored with the crazy games at school, it's a lot of fun to play. The Cookie recipe book can talk because it knows how the ingredients should be mixed and cooked best.

How to play Wonderland Cake Maker

Follow Alice's instructions to make cakes that will be served to many customers from different kingdoms.

Use your mouse to follow instructions and prepare recipes correctly, cook one amazing cake after another and satisfy all your hungry customers! Don't waste time, start this amazing experience now and make sure to tell your friends that they can visit our website and play games with their new favorite characters !

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