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Yummy Chocolate Factory

Yummy Chocolate Factory is a cooking game made just for people like you who love sweets. Find the right combination of ingredients to finish the task and make some tasty chocolates. 

Complete the tasks to make some unique and delicious chocolate, and then select the cutest clothes for this lovely aspiring baker.

How to play

Control the chocolate factory and make the best chocolate the world has ever seen. Sort raw materials, process them, and more as you transform cocoa beans into delicious chocolate bars for children all over the world to enjoy.

First, place the right materials. This lets you determine which chocolate works best. Second, half the chocolate beans and remove the unrotten ones. Third, wash your separated seeds. Fourth, arrange the beans. Pouring the right ingredients into cauldrons is the fifth step. Shape and wrap the delicious chocolates in the sixth step. Delicious chocolates are ready. Finally, make a perfect chocolate combination.

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