Funny Food Duel

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Funny Food Duel is an interesting two-player game with a culinary theme. In the game, you will participate in a super funny food duel that starts between dogs and cats.

How to play Funny Food Duel

You will be in a home with adorable dogs and cats.

Choose your character if you like it the most.

Your mission in the game is to eat good foods and avoid bad foods. The dishes will be placed in boxes. They will be opened, and you need to quickly distinguish whether to eat or give up.

When you eat delicious food, your score will increase by one.

  • If you eat substandard foods, such as those that are spoiled or frozen, your score will be reduced by one.
  • If you score 8 points before your opponent, you win.

The game has two-player and two-player modes for you to choose from. You can play with the AI or invite your friends to join.

In addition, the character warehouse includes many types of adorable dogs and cats, which also help make the game more attractive and interesting.

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