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Papa Louie Night Hunt

Papa Louie Night Hunt is an adventure game in which you transform into Papa Louie who goes on a night hunt to collect gold coins. Watch out for small monsters. Use bombs and hammers to kill monsters and break boxes. Have fun with this funny adventure game all the way through!

In this Papa Louie game, you'll have a lot of fun because you'll go on a new adventure you've never seen before with a character who's always up for more. You should be, too.

How to play

  • Move with the left and right arrow keys, and go up or down stairs or ropes with the up and down arrows.
  • To use the pepper bomb, press the X key, and then press the Z key to hit an enemy.
  • In each level, you need to get to the end by killing all of the enemies in your way.
  • You also need to collect all of the diamonds that are needed for that level.


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