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Papa's Bobaria

Papa's Bobaria is a fun cooking game inspired by the restaurant management series Papa's Games, where players take on the role of a diligent student tasked with managing operations at Papa's Bobaria, a cafe famous for its unique boba creation.
Enter the vibrant world of Truffleton College and start your exciting journey with Papa Louie and his latest venture now.

How to play

In order to prosper in the cutthroat world of Papa's Bobaria, aspirational business owners must work to grow their empires. Discover new recipes, entice your palate with a variety of snacks, and guarantee prompt service to receive big tips from happy clients. Move through four stations to create delicious drinks for your customers.

Order Station

Your responsibilities as you navigate the busy cafe include receiving orders from discriminating patrons, painstakingly making an array of innovative cocktails, and serving them promptly.
But exercise caution—long wait periods can test a customer's patience, and customer satisfaction is vital.

Build Station

You can choose from many flavors and toppings, each with special qualities, and the success of your cafe will depend on you.

Freezer Station

Transfer drinks to the cooling step; you must adjust the time to get the appropriate temperature for each type.

Extra Station

Make the final coating and serve it to your customers.

In order to prosper, you must discover new recipes and serve the perfect drinks to your customers. Make Papa's Bobaria the ultimate destination for milk tea enthusiasts.

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