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Papa's Chocolateria

Papa's Chocolateria is an addition to the Papa's Games restaurant management series, where you will run a famous chocolate restaurant nestled in the quaint town of Cocoa Coast.

Just like in Pastaria and Cupcakeria, the game follows the rhythm of changing seasons, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the gameplay.

How to play

Participating in the game, players will enter the complex chocolate-making process at each station, creating delicious chocolate pieces for customers.

3 Stations:

You will come across three main stations where all the magic happens:

Order Station: You will welcome customers to come and take their orders quickly and accurately.

Baking Station: You'll be filling various molds with different types of liquid chocolate, according to customer requirements. As you progress through the ranks, customers will start craving mixed chocolate flavors, increasing the difficulty of the game.

Topping Station: You'll add a burst of flavor to your chocolates with an array of syrups, shaker toppings, and placeables.

Dive into the world of chocolate-making and serve all the customers at Papa's Chocolateria.

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