Papa's Cluckeria

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Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:February 22, 2022
Classification:Papa Louie Games

Papa's Cluckeria is a restaurant time-management game. Your mission is to operate a chicken sandwich restaurant. Make sandwiches and serve them to customers. 

How to play

The sixteenth part of the Papa Louie series from Flipline Studios is here! Papa's Cluckeria was released on February 22, 2022. Play it now and serve delicious sandwiches to customers!

Run and grow the sandwich restaurant

You will be in charge of Papa's Cluckeria restaurant, where you will bake and fry food to make sandwiches. Papa Louie's first chicken sandwich shop was in Oilseed Springs, where he lived. Your job is to make tasty drinks and chicken burgers.

You have to go through four stations to complete the customer's order:

  • Order Station
  • Fry Station
  • Build Station
  • Slush Station

For sandwiches, you can choose from different kinds of cakes and make a tasty sandwich with fried meats, cheeses, toppings, and sauces. For drinks: Add ice, syrup, and flavors to the bowl, and then let the mixer mix the flavors together to make a dish that will make your mouth water and taste great.

Bread, batter, fry, and prepare sandwiches for different flavors. You have to put different toppings and sauces to the sandwiches and create tasty swirled slushes!

Game Features

  • Sandwich cooking theme
  • 12 holidays
  • Various special recipes
  • Numerous customers with different orders
  • Up to 149 ingredients to unlock
  • Fantastic cooking gameplay


Where to play Papa's Cluckeria without Flash?

You can play Papa's Cluckeria and other Papa's games without Flash at

How long do holidays last in Papa's Cluckeria?

Holidays in Papa's Cluckeria often last four weeks within the game calendar.

Papa's Cluckeria introduces new dishes to the Papa Louie series! Chicken sandwiches and slushes! Make tasty sandwiches and fresh drinks to satisfy hungry customers! Become the best chef in town!

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