Papa’s Paleteria

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Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:March 2024
Classification:Papa Louie Games

Papa’s Paleteria is an online cooking and time management game. In this game, players take on the role of chef and restaurant manager to run a paleta (popsicle) shop. The objective is to create delicious paletas. These are a type of Mexican frozen treats. Prepare and serve them to a variety of customers.

How to play Papa’s Paleteria to go

Players start with a basic paleta shop and gradually work their way up by completing levels and serving customers. The game involves various elements, including choosing the base flavors, mixing in ingredients, freezing the paletas, and adding toppings.

Work hard to unlock new ingredients, flavors, and decorations to enhance your paleta creations and attract more customers.

The challenge lies in managing your time efficiently. Customers have different orders and patience levels. The more satisfied customers you serve, the more in-game currency you earn to improve and expand your paleta shop.


Order Station

This is the place to receive customer orders. You will record what customers order, including detailed food requirements.

Build Station

In this station, the player selects a paleta shape, then fills the mold with different fillings and sends it to the chill station.

Chill Station

In this station, players will deliver Paleta molds into the freezer. Meanwhile, you must adjust the freezing time appropriately so that the paleta is cold enough.

Otherwise, it will melt and fall through the conveyor belt, staining the belt, and you'll have to make a new paleta.

Top Station

In this station, players will add toppings to customers' ice cream, including dipping sauces, syrups, and toppings. This helps the ice cream become more eye-catching and lively.

Game features

  • Free to Play Online
  • 90 stickers were received for completing missions
  • Over 100 ingredients to unlock
  • Recipe for making attractive ice cream
  • 148 customers to serve

Mini games

  • Cool Shot (Sunday)
  • Burgerzilla (Monday)
  • Blender Ball (Tuesday)
  • Mitch's Mess (Wednesday)
  • Home Run Derby (Thursday)
  • Rico's Chiliworks (Friday)
  • Hallway Hunt (Saturday)

Release Date

The game was released on March 7th, 2024, by Flipline Studios.

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