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Papa's Smootheria

Papa's Smootheria is a delightful restaurant simulation game that follows the story of Moe, Liezel, and the Custom Worker. One day, while strolling down the street, they encounter the famous chef, Papa Louie.

Seizing the opportunity, they ask for an autograph, and during the interaction, Papa Louie accidentally drops a poster about his newest venture, Papa's Smootheria.

How to play

As the trio takes on the responsibilities of running a restaurant, players navigate through various tasks and challenges associated with serving delectable smoothies to eager customers.

Over the course of a year, the smoothie becomes a hit, attracting a multitude of satisfied customers. When Papa Louie returns to the establishment after a year, he is pleasantly surprised to find a thriving business.

Acknowledging the exemplary culinary skills of Moe, Liezel, and the Custom Worker, Papa Louie presents them with the prestigious Best Chefs of the Year trophy.

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