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Papa’s Spaghetteria

Papa's Spaghetteria invites you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Italian cuisine, focusing on quintessential Spaghetti dishes.

How to play

Take control of this casual restaurant game and immerse yourself in the fun of managing your own Papa's Spaghetti paradise. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey where boiling spaghetti is a meticulous science. Boil them precisely, making sure it doesn't take more than a second, and making sure there aren't any deviations.

Serve with bread and bring deliciousness to your satisfied customers! Successful challenges yield rewards that enhance your gaming experience. Plus, take advantage of your hard-earned tips to get new items, further enhancing your Spaghetteria. Enhance customer wait times with decorative items such as tables and posters.

Upgrade your equipment to streamline your food preparation process, ensuring efficiency and speed. As you progress, transform the store with new furniture, floors and walls, but remember, you must earn these upgrades first!

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