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Toca Life Adventure

Toca Life Adventure is an exciting adventure game in the Toca Boca series. Come along on the adventure of Toca Life. There are all of your other favorite levels in one place, such as City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, and more. Get more balls to get more points and unlock new characters.

How to play

It's very easy to play. You'll change into the character. You can use your mouse or a touch screen to tap and make your character jump while they run automatically. Watch out not to fall into pits or spikes, hit bees, or any other traps or obstacles, or you'll lose and have to start the level over.

Please collect as many balls as you can, because they can be used to buy new skins, power-ups, and other upgrades that you will enjoy. Have fun, and if you know your friends well, don't forget to invite them over!

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